Stories & Anthologies

I don’t write a lot of short stories. I can’t just set out to write a short story. It has to happen.

For me, a short story is a page of moment. There’s a purpose to its expression and a purpose or meaning for the reader. In other words, for me, short stories aren’t just entertainment, but serve to illustrate a significance.

Sometimes when I write a short story, it presents itself as a potential episodic which, once a good amount of linked stories involving the same main character(s) are written, could be collected to create an episodic novel. Such is the case of the short story “Knight for the Convenant of Everlasting”. Most of my short stories, though, are “one-ups”—stories which stand alone. Here are a few:

“A Gift for Eternity,” first published by The Deepening (when it was an ISSN) in Sept 2007; subsequently accepted and published by The Rose and Thorn Literary Journal in the winter edition of 2008, still available online here at Rose & Thorn; then subsequently republished along with another of my newer short stories. “What About Mom?,” in The Speed of Dark short story anthology published by Chase Enterprises Publishing in 2013, which you can buy cheapest here: The Speed of Dark

This year, 2014, on November 14th, I found a story I’d written back in 2005 called, “Because He Told Me To” and decided to publish it here on the website. You can read it for free here: Because He Told Me To.

I’ve also just added Closure, a story I also never submitted for publication, but did publish myself over on The Write Room Blog as part of an essay called “Blindsided” because the story terminated a friendship for no known reason.

UPDATE: I’ve added a few more short stories, and I’ll continue to list them above.  Today, I added Christmas, the Day After.