Created Evil, the Novel

Created Evil, front novel coverThis novel was born in 2002, though the title and idea were rolling around in my files since 1998. My novels start themselves, usually with the flash of an image…a scene that stays with me.  Then comes the title, usually simultaneously, as it did in this case, which catalyzes the draft. If given the leeway, I can draft the book in a few weeks, pounding out 120,000 words. Unfortunately, I’m rarely granted that luxury.

Created Evil has gone through numerous revisions, some good, some very destructive. I have my own vision, and that vision rarely finds easy grace among my peers. So I’ve abandoned most of my peers, save a select few, and gone to beta readers, instead—youthful beta readers who seem to better grasp “the edge.” Right now, CE is in process of being rescued, returning it to my original vision.

Ultimately, CE will be either the inaugural or terminal book in a series of related books called The Eldren or The Eldren Chornicles. So far, there are four other books in the series, and most have both outlines and completed or nearly completed first drafts.