New and Shiny …or Getting There, Anyway

It’s a horrible, tedious, miserable job, but somebody’s got to do it …or not. I’ve been avoiding doing anything of the sort for several years, now, but, finally, finally, I broke out the scrubbers, the industrial strength soap, and the wax and we’re buffing things up, back to fresh, bright, and shiny.

Websites are a PITA. They really are. Own one …or many, and it’s like each one is a 100 pound weight hanging ’round your neck. is no different. And the larger the website, the older the website, the more its content proves testy to upgrade to ‘modern’ standards, standards that change by the day, hour, minute, and second. Especially if you’re running it on a CMS platform (That’s Content Management System in case you were wondering.)

There’s lots and lots of work to do …and I’m getting there, but, until I get down wading through every last post, page, and entry since this site was conceived, things will throw occasional warnings that “Some content on this page is insecure.”

Sorry about that. I’m working on it. As fast as I can.

Remind me, please, not to take on more websites. Forty-some is at least forty too much.

D. L. Keur, who writes as E. J. Ruek, in case you didn’t know that. 😀

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