Grove Eldren, a Novel-in-Progress

Novel Cover for Grove Eldren by E. J. RuekGrove Eldren may not be the final title of the novel, but, then, again, it could be. Something might hit me “perfect” as I work through the final manuscript. One never knows. It has happened that way before, after all. And hasn’t, too. 😉

This novel is a work-in-progress with some very strong, very memorable scenes—the kind that stick in your head forever. I like that about this book. What I’m not so sure about (…and that will be the job of my beta readers once I turn the manuscript loose to them) is the hidden plot. This book implies and hedges. It doesn’t overtly present the trouble. Rather it insinuates, and I’m not quite sure I’m not hedging too much. True: everyone likes a puzzle, but this puzzle, despite the marvelous secrets, mysterious strangers, and disconcerting elements, might be too shrouded.

Still chewing on it and working through some kinks.