Horror? No. Commercially Plotted Literary with a Touch of Paranormal


So, do I actually write genre Horror?

No. Absolutely not. It’s just looks like I do, because that’s where publishers and book sellers lump things with anything suggesting a paranormal possibility. I actually write commercial literary crossover. (There’s a mouthful for you. 🙂 )

What I write are stories about seemingly “normal” people who aren’t. They’re gifted…like we all are. And my novels are commercially plotted, so there’s no belaboring things or any stream of consciousness quality about them. What makes them commercial literary crossover is that every novel has an underlying theme and the story is heavily influenced by character, but not to the detriment of moving the plot along at a tidy gallop. Of course, this makes my novels very hard to place in the traditionally convenient niches that publishers and book sellers so love.

That’s okay, because the stories are tense and riveting, well-written, and will keep you up all night getting to The End…whereupon you’ll be reaching for me. At least my beta readers do. They hate having to wait.