Some Stories are Too Painful

Raven, blackI’ve been sifting through old manuscripts–cleaning out the closets– and came upon several that are really well-conceived–well, I like them–but, since I’m one of those writers who holds the whole story inside me in vivid images and living scenes before I ever write it, I know what I’m going to have to suffer should I enter The Zone to finish them.  So I won’t.  I don’t care for dystopian stories, anyway, and both of these related manuscripts, one SF, the other paranormal, are set long after the Progressive era of the 1990s ended with the onset of the 21st century.  They project a social-cultural shift that started with George W. Bush’s ascendency to the presidential “throne,” and has continued to deepen with the advent of the Tea Party and continued influence of the Extreme Theocratic and Dominionist Christian Right in American politics.

That’s the problem with several of these novels: They are too painful to complete. Oh, it’s not that they don’t end well. It’s that getting to The End will mean my virtual participation in very, very painful, vivid scenes that I don’t want to experience.

Such is an old manuscript called Raven.  I’m going to share a bit of it, simply because I think it “echoes.”