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2 Kinds of Novels: Reality Made Fiction & Fiction Made Real

I write two different kinds of novels–real life fictionalized and the fictional made real.


Under the first category are: Old Hickory Lane and To Inherit a Murderer, both of these novels that have follow-up books drafted and outlined for their continuing sagas. Also planned are some Modern “Westerns” that are also interconnected.

Old Hickory Lane, a novel novel cover: To Inherit a Murderer, a novel by E. J. Ruek

  • All the novels are based on composites of real people and real events.
  • All of them are interconnected, sharing characters and situations.
  • All are set in the near future.
  • All are set in the U.S., specifically, the Pacific Northwest.
  • Most, but not all, of them have some subtle (and not so subtle, at times) paranormal elements, but it’s not their focus. It’s the people and the situations that drive the story.


The second category of novel I write is paranormal. It’s here where I cross somewhere into a genre that slides between magical realism, fantasy, and horror. Created Evil, Grove Eldren, The Eldren Pyres, Stirring Lost, The Neighbor Trap, and Og all fall into this group.

Created Evil, front novel cover Novel Cover for Grove Eldren by E. J. Ruek StirringLostFrontCover_sample200x300
  • All are set in the near future.
  • The paranormal elements drive the plot.
  • They have strong thematic cores.


In all my novels, character and plot are forefront, symbolism and foreshadowing subtly interwoven, but significant to story.