To Inherit a Murderer Now Available for Kindle


“It’s about time,” you say.

Well, yes. I know I’ve been remiss, a laggard…slow. But it required a week’s worth of dedicated work to “make it so.” So forgive me, please. I did finally get it done, and it is now available on And it looks pretty darn good, but, to do it, I had to hand-code it so it came out looking pretty darn good—a real tedious, time-consuming process in old-fashioned HTML done in a text editor (NoteTab Pro).

The reason why it’s such a tedious process is that, no, you can’t just take your manuscript file and save as filtered HTM. It just doesn’t come out well. You have to sit down and work through all the various punctuation characters like apostrophes, smart quotes, em-dashes, ellipses, and the like, transmuting them to their HTML (not ascii) equivalents. And if you want it very nice, you have to code it in with meticulous CSS. (Thank the cybergods that Kindle likes CSS, because, otherwise, it would be a nightmare of HTML coding to do.)

Then there’s making the active table of contents. No, not using Word’s generator, but, again, hand coding it using HTML bookmarks and links, but also paying very close attention to’s specs on toc and start.

When done, though, it’s definitely worth all the effort.

So, it’s now officially available in Kindle books at 🙂 Enjoy: To Inherit a Murderer in Kindle Format